Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about BlackOakTV. 

What is BlackOakTV? 
BlackOakTV is a new streaming video platform set out to exclusively serve the content needs of black viewers. We make it easy for you to watch fun, entertaining, and informative content intended for black audiences. As a black-founded and owned company, we personally understand that watching the stories that reflect your lives and experiences is important to you. So through our website and apps on Roku, Amazon, Android, and iOS, BlackOakTV brings you an assortment of content from black creators who want nothing more than to please black audiences. 

What is black content? 
Black content is content that reflects the stories, experiences, and perspectives of black people. Of course, black people are not a monolith. So even among one another, our experiences are very different and diverse. However, black people, both domestically here in the U.S. (where BlackOakTV is based) and globally, often share a common thread as a people that have generally overcome being marginalized, underestimated, and persecuted, and that journey, or the proximity to it, unites us in a way that yields a perspective that most of us share. And whenever that perspective is the basis for a project, you have black content. 

What do you get with your subscription? 
For your monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to the BlackOakTV platform. Today, that means dozens of titles in the form of digital series, short films, and movies. Additionally, we introduce new content regularly, with content that is exclusive to BlackOakTV added to the library every single month. 

Eventually, we hope to add a lot more content to the platform, as well as a communal experience, podcast content, and a unique viewing experience on our website and apps that will make the BlackOakTV viewing experience unlike anything else out there: uniquely black! 

How do I unsubscribe? 
To unsubscribe to BlackOakTV, log into the "Dashboard" section of your account, click "billing" and then click the button that says "Change Plan". From there, you will see a "cancel subscription" button that you can use to end your subscription. 

If your account is "on hold" and there's no link to the "Dashboard", then you can type "beta.blackoak.tv/dashboard" into your browser to get to the Dashboard. 

If you subscribed through one of our apps on iOS, Android, Roku, or Amazon Firestick, you can unsubscribe via the respective app store in question. If you have any further questions about unsubscribing from BlackOakTV, please check out this link.